Teacher Training Sessions

Monthly sessions led by a licensed professional for all member teachers, where they can discuss issues with other cooperative teachers and receive advice. See Events for specific dates.

Director Meetings
Regular sessions where preschool directors come together to discuss best practices, lessons learned, and other issues as they arise.  



VCPC may offer scholarships to support education opportunities for member schools, if funds are available. Please email for more information on future opportunities.

Annual nondiscriminatory statement

For years VCPC did the annual posting of nondiscriminatory statement in the Washington Post as required by the IRS to maintain member schools' non-non-profit 501(c)(3) status.  This is no longer a requirement.  Member schools must remember to post a nondiscrimination statement on the home page of their website.  


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VCPC is an indispensible resource! It is my 'go to' whenever questions arise related to best practices, lessons learned, licensing, and more.  The members are generous with their time and expertise, which has been particularly helpful as we navigate operating during the pandemic. - AUCP Program Director